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Ep. 15 From 20 Years In Corporate To...Ayurveda Practitioner? With Bethany Gadbois

February 17, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 15 From 20 Years In Corporate To...Ayurveda Practitioner? With Bethany Gadbois
Show Notes

Can you imagine being in a job for 10 years and realizing you don't enjoy it anymore?
How about staying in that job for another 10 years because you're not sure how to make the jump?...or what jump to even make?

Bethany Gadbois had a successful career in the healthcare industry for 20 years. After the birth of her son 10 years into that career, her postpartum and fertility path led to a deep self-healing journey and seeking true alignment in her life. She recognized that her career path no longer fit her, but didn't know what else to do, so she stayed on that trajectory for another 10 years. 

As of June 2021, Bethany has left her corporate career and is now living in her true purpose as a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and Ayurvedic practitioner. It was a long journey that she is now sharing with us.

In this episode, she shares the details on:

  • Leaving her cushy corporate career to pursue Yoga
  • How Ayurveda and Yoga allowed her to conceive her second child
  • Work that allows us to slow down and be in tune with our bodies and minds versus the masculinity of "traditional" work
  • The power we have within us to manifest change in our futures
  • One thing you can easily implement to start cultivating an Ayurvedic lifestyle

If you've ever day dreamed the idea of leaving your comfortable job to pursue something unexpected, this episode is for you! Click play!

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