Women Who Want More

Ep. 26 Activating Your Spiritual Powers with Sarai Peotdi

May 05, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 26 Activating Your Spiritual Powers with Sarai Peotdi
Show Notes

I'm just going to say it: I fully believe that in order to lose the weight you want or look a certain way, you have to heal the relationship with your body. 

I've been on a mission to feel better about my weight and how I look at myself since having children. I started meditating on body image and weight and on day 3...it ended in tears.

The guided meditation asked you to apologize to your body for how you've spoken to it or looked at it...and I just broke down. In that moment, I recognized how badly I needed to heal my relationship with my body.

That's what Sarai Peotdi, Witchy Life Coach, is on a mission to show women.

Starting with a healing weight loss journey of her own, Sarai has been inspiring others for the past 6 years through 1:1 SoulBody Coaching, fitness, mindset alignment and spiritual guidance. 

In this episode, Sarai shares her expertise, experience, and unique perspective to help others guide their energy into alignment so that they may find their own path, heal the relationship with themselves, and rise to their truest calling.

We also get to talking about:

  • What losing 80 lbs of weight really means
  • Her spiritual awakening that led to her becoming a mom
  • The real reason behind why we binge eat
  • When your partner doesn't understand your multi-passionate careers and interests

and more!

I know you'll walk away with so much good stuff from this conversation, so click play now!

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