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Ep. 29 How To Become a Doula with Julia Barton of Olive & Bloom

May 26, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 29 How To Become a Doula with Julia Barton of Olive & Bloom
Show Notes

She channeled her dead Grandmother at the age of 8.
She was intuitive...raised on Reiki...and wasn't like the other kids. 

Because she felt so different, she spent most of her life people pleasing and trying to make everything perfect for everyone.

Does this story sound familiar?

Today I'm talking with Julia Barton,  a #1 Best Selling Author, Reiki Master, Postpartum Doula, Volunteer and CreatorDoula. Julia came here today to teach us how to become a Doula, but in the end...we learned so much more.

From understanding her postpartum depression (through a psychic medium, I might add), to children having the natural ability to feel spirit, this was an intense conversation.

We get into the details on stuff like:

  • The breaking point in her life that forced her to rediscover her gifts
  • The "it takes a village" of raising a child
  • Societal expectations of mothers and women and Human Giver Syndrome
  • The differences between the different types of Doulas

and more!

Plus, she has a really cool story behind the name "Olive & Bloom" (vroom vrooooom!), so click play and listen in!

Connect with Julia:

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