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Ep. 35 How To Release Subconscious Blocks and Pain with Harmony Slater, NBC-HWC

July 07, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 35 How To Release Subconscious Blocks and Pain with Harmony Slater, NBC-HWC
Show Notes

Did you know that 70% (or more for some) of your day is spent with your body in a stress response? 
Did you also know this can manifest as illness or injury in your body?

Unfortunately, this is the case for so many of us and we're often told that we're "just getting older" or are prone to certain illnesses or injuries and simply deal with it.

But here's the good news: Utilizing breath work and meditation (among other practices) can help release the stress and put your body back into a para-sympathetic state, healing the body.

In what is probably one of my favorite conversations ever, Harmony Slater, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and I discuss the connection between physical ailments and your mind, body, and energy. 

Harmony Slater is a Life-Wellness Coach, Certified Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, and expert in breathwork. Her work guides people in mindfulness, breath work, and yoga to remove blocks and limiting beliefs. 

She shares her story on her many years journey to becoming who she is today as well as:

  • The life of dance that almost killed her
  • Finding love for her body after many years of dance teaching her it was an object and instrument
  • How to find and let go of chronic stress and blocks
  • How to start slowing down and meditating when stillness is hard for you

and more!

It's safe to say Harmony knows her stuff! Click play!

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