Women Who Want More

Ep. 38 Facing the Fear of Failure with Rachael Meyers

July 28, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 38 Facing the Fear of Failure with Rachael Meyers
Show Notes

"I love working from home, but I feel so isolated."
"What if other women feel the same way?"
"What if I started a community to support them??"
"But...what if I fail?"

My guest today, Rachael Meyers, is the owner of The Collective Co, and is ready to talk all things entrepreneurship, balancing motherhood, and the power of community. 

The Collective Co. is a women-focused workspace and event space, open to all and designed for productivity, creativity, and inspiration. Rachael's goal: To have a space dedicated to connection and creation, free from the distractions that home can bring with it. 

But how did this idea come to fruition amid a pandemic?
And how do you go from idea to reality when it all can be so impossible?

Rachael and I talk all things:

  • The isolation that can come of working from home and trying to "balance" raising the kids
  • The one thing she invested in right off the bat
  • How she battled the potential of failure
  • The steps she took to launch her company, even before finding a space

and more!

Ready to dive in? Click play!

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