Women Who Want More

Ep. 50 How Mara Smith Created a Tequila Brand For Women From Scratch

November 03, 2022
Women Who Want More
Ep. 50 How Mara Smith Created a Tequila Brand For Women From Scratch
Show Notes

I have to say...I absolutely LOVE women who are industry disrupters.

As someone who has always been more on the "feral child" side (shoutout to my girl Erin at The Bird and Bear Collective for that one), I salute all other women who make a stand for something new in a crowded industry.

Today's guest, Mara Smith, is doing just that. 

Mara is a mom, ex-attorney and corporate woman turned stay at home mom, who decided to step back into the workforce with a vengeance. 

This beautiful soul created an all new tequila, inspired for and by women.

Mara shares the ins and outs of creating a liquor from scratch, starting an alcohol company, and how she has been able to make an impact in the lives of others along the way.

SO much great knowledge is dropped for entrepreneurs in this episode, including topics like:

  • Where to start when desiring to create a liquor brand
  • Resources for those looking to start a women-led company
  • Launching a business during Covid
  • The challenges that come as a product-based business along the way

and more!

This is such a fun episode to listen in on! Jump in now!

Connect with Mara:

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