Women Who Want More

Ep. 58 How To Free Yourself From Societal Expectations

January 12, 2023
Women Who Want More
Ep. 58 How To Free Yourself From Societal Expectations
Show Notes

Conditioning: A theory in behavioral psychology that the reaction to an object or event by a person or animal can be modified by learning (AKA conditioning). 

We are born into a society of deep conditioning.

Living in a way that we are conditioned to be means living a life with a mind always under pressure, subject to anxiety and stress. 

So what can we do about it? How do we learn to de-condition ourselves from the way our environment has shaped us to be so we can feel more fulfilled and lit up by our choices?

In this solo episode, we're going to touch on:

  • What conditioning really means to us as women in today's day and age
  • How we can begin to let go of the conditioning through the journey of awareness and fulfillment that lies inside our Human Design
  • The Shamanic breathwork that led to my rebirth in Tulum, Mexico

and more!

I know we are ALL impacted by conditioning in some way, so this is not an episode to pass up. Click play!

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