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Ep. 66 The Wild Benefits of Sound Healing with Danica Eakman

March 09, 2023 Adriana Keefe
Women Who Want More
Ep. 66 The Wild Benefits of Sound Healing with Danica Eakman
Show Notes

Have you ever heard of a sound bath?
No, it's not anyone getting naked in a bathtub. 

Sound baths are a passive form of healing that reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and balance your nervous system, among many other things. 

After having my own crazy experience with a sound healing session in Tulum, Mexico this fall, I had to have my go-to expert teach about it!

Danica Eakman is a Sound Healer who found her own healing through sound when she needed it most. She shares her story on how she found sound healing and why huge companies like Amazon are now hiring her for a welcome dose of relaxation throughout their work days. 

Danica teaches us about

  • The top 3 reasons people tend to seek sound healing
  • The energy releasing that happens with sound healing
  • The different types of bowls and what they do 
  • And as an added bonus to those entrepreneurs out there who are married...she sheds some light on the internal struggle she had with letting her husband support her financially while she built this business

and more!

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