Women Who Want More

Ep. 8 5 Things That Are a MUST DO When Feeling Stretched Too Thin

January 06, 2022 Adriana Keefe Episode 0
Women Who Want More
Ep. 8 5 Things That Are a MUST DO When Feeling Stretched Too Thin
Show Notes

You know that question women in the workplace get that the male CEO or employee is never asked?
“How do you balance work and family?” 

Mothers are expected to work like they don’t have a family and parent like they don’t have a job. HOW do we walk this line? It’s no wonder we’re feeling stretched too thin!
We want to be a good mom but also be good at our jobs. It feels like we can never get it “just right” and always have something to feel like we’re dropping the ball on. We’re trying to do it all, so by the end of the week or day, we’re exhausted. Burnt-out at both ends.

So how do we work and parent without the guilt?

In this episode we explore:

·       Establishing boundaries not only with work, but with family

·       Letting go of expectations that are creating mom-guilt

·       A simple, quick way to redirect when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Let’s create a life for you that feels GOOD. Don’t forget to share this with a mama who needs to hear it! Let’s go.

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